EUL Technologies fully supports the ADDIE Methodology and provides the following services.

What is ADDIE?  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:  The ADDIE model is the generic process traditionally used by instructional designers and training developers. The five phases — Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation — represent a dynamic, flexible guideline for building effective training and performance support tools.


EUL Technologies provides a diverse set of tools and capabilities to support your end user training needs by:

1. Helping you determine the most cost-effective learning method or combination of methods to meet your business needs (ILT, CBT, Distance Learning, How-To Aids, Check Lists, Step-by-Steps, etc.).

2. Developing learning materials based upon your Business’ Management, SME, and End User needs.

3. Delivering your approved end user learning materials through a variety of media.

4. Training your designated Folks to deliver the appropriate training.

5. Providing measuring tools & metrics to validate learning.

6. Creating appropriate certification & re-certification tools.


EUL Technologies also provides a diverse set of tools and capabilities to support your documentation needs by:

1. Documenting “As Is” and “To Be” business processes and procedures.

2. Working closely with your SMEs to capture the specific data needed to document your processes & procedures.

3. Providing documentation in a variety of formats to meet your local and nation-wide needs.

4. Working closely with your Intellectual Property Management and Deemed Export organization to validate proprietary information dissemination.

5. Creating “Help Desk” quick reference and/or online guides and references.

6. Provide your personnel with documentation maintenance tips and tricks.

Technical Writing

The Problem:

Many a Business Doctrine does not match the day-to-day Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)?

Why?  Do the following reasons sound familiar?

1. Typically your doctrine is created in hard-copy, goes into a binder during a new implementation, and then starts gathering dust on a shelf.

2. Worst case, multiple copies are distributed and despite the best of intentions are not updated at the same time, if at all…

3. Even Intranet documentation can lag changes to SOP...

A Solution:

EUL Technologies will sit down with end users to capture your current “Best Practice,” which is simply the “single” best way of the many ways to accomplish a particular process, procedure, or function.

The captured information will be evaluated by your SMEs, with the finalized version developed and implemented as required to support on-line entry.

Business Process Documentation

The problem:

Many organizations mistakenly believe that knowing a subject (as an SME) is the same as being able to teach that subject to others. Teaching occurs, but learning may not!

Other organizations rotate individuals into a “trainer” position without any prior experience in curriculum development or presenting various types of information to others.

Senior company officials are at times required to present critical topics without the benefit of formal presentation skills training, resulting in a situation where their delivery style significantly detracts from their message.

A Solution:

EUL Technologies will analyze your organizations unique needs and then provide the appropriate Train-The-Trainer class(es) or Train-The-Presenter class(es) for your Folks.

Training may include limited material development, multiple “student” presentations of increasing length, some of which may be tapped to provide the student with immediate audio/video feedback, and Peer Evaluations.


Train-The-Trainer Training